Life at CTK

Growing together in the Word at Christ the King, Memphis

“Rally Day”

When I was a little girl dressed in a mother-made pleated skirt and peter-pan-collared shirt, with lacy socks and shiny patent leather shoes, the biggest day in our Sunday School year was Rally Day, complete with the pomp of ceremony and the fried chicken of a church picnic. It was a great way to start the “new year” of Sunday School, and I earned my yearly perfect attendance pins proudly. One of my earliest memories is of dear “Miss Marie,” with bangled jewelry hanging off of every curve of her ample body, looming over me and saying “Come on now; say ‘Jesus loves me,'” and popping a Vanilla Wafer in my mouth every time I did. Little wonder I grew to associate Jesus with banana pudding.
This Sunday is CTK’s Rally Day, and the sight of the Fellowship Hall festooned with streamers and “Welcome” banners and tables ready and waiting for parents and children to register for another year of ‘Jesus Loves Me’ lessons is nostagically exciting. Exciting not only for the children, but for the teachers, as well, for never did I learn more about articulating my faith than when I taught Sunday School. I never used the Vanilla Wafer method, but engaging children in the learning process, when their salvation is the core curriculum, is the most important of pedagogical pursuits.
Our CTK teachers are the best, and our children will flourish in this coming year of Sunday School, as they discover that yes, indeed, Jesus loves THEM.

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