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Monthly Archives: March, 2020

Prayer in Such a Time as This

You’ve heard the story of the ocean liner in rough seas. A passenger asks the captain if the ship is in danger, to which the captain replies, “You should start praying now.” The lady gasps, grabs the captain’s arm, and cries, “Oh, surely, it’s not as bad as that!” We CTK Lutherans are a praying …

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Responding to the Pandemic

Click here to watch Pastor Mark and Pastor Chuck explain CTK’s response to COVID-19 concerns It’s unfortunate that the first three letters of the word “pandemic” are the same first three letters in the word “panic.”  So before you’ve even completed saying or reading the word, you’re already on edge. At Christ the King, our …

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When becoming a new member of a congregation, it may be a little daunting finding your way around, not only through the physical buildings, but through the labyrinth of ministries and fellowship opportunities that are offered to you. Who do you contact? Where do you go? How do you find the latest information and RSVP …

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