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Beauty Beyond Bones – A Visit from Caralyn Collar

Christ the King welcomed Caralyn Collar, a NYC actress and one of the leading bloggers in the world on eating disorders.  Caralyn spoke with members of CTK’s Youth as well as CTK’s Stephen Ministers on Saturday evening, Sept. 28, and again to the congregation on Sunday morning, Sept. 29, bringing her message of freedom from guilt and addictive behaviors through faith in Jesus Christ.


Caralyn met Job Comfort Dog at the Saturday engagement and they became immediate friends. Caralyn shared many helpful tips on dealing in love with someone who is affected by eating disorders, or any kind of addiction — signs to look for, the kind of help that is needed, and how to speak with love to someone recovering from ED.

Our prayers go with Caralyn as she continues to share her message with others who are hurting or who might have a loved one caught in the clutches of an eating disorder. There is hope and help available.  For more information on Caralyn’s journey, check out her blog at



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