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Growing together in the Word at Christ the King, Memphis


Demolition (2)Cherishing memories is high on the list of things being done this week as the membership of Christ the King takes a collective sigh while watching the demolition of Building 2, the Fellowship Hall, and the Church Administration offices.  It is a week of mixed emotions.

The Schrader Fellowship Hall, once the sanctuary where so many baptisms, weddings, and funerals took place, and where the faithful received weekly gifts of the Sacrament of Holy Communion and the preaching of God’s Word, also — in its reincarnation as a fellowship hall/gathering place — was the site of gaily decorated dances, wonderful-smelling potluck dinners, sweet kindergarten graduations, raucous movie nights and weeks of VBS, Nehemiah mornings and Super Bowl afternoons, and so many more activities that are at the heart of a church family.

Through the years, the church offices housed a number of hard-working, loyal, dedicated, and CTK-loving staff members and volunteers, some of whom number among the saints in heaven, and their laughter and noble spirits held that building together when the plumbing failed and the air conditioning went on the fritz.  From the noisy ice machine to the regularly flooding basement to the Jesus painting guarding the women’s bathroom, every nook and cranny of that building captured and held the love and devotion of Christ the King’s faithful servants.

But progress, come she will. And we will rejoice when the doors open to an awesomely beautiful, visitor-welcoming renovation and expansion where God’s work will continue and blossom under the care of those same faithful servants, and many more to come. Take heart, CTK! The Lord loves you and, with you, cherishes the memories that you have made. He continues to lead you and encourage you as you make this bold step in His name.



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