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In the middle of March this year, we were plummeted into a new world of alternating twists and turns, challenges and inventions, beginning with the online-only services in which the pastors preached to an empty church with an unseen congregation gathered around their laptops and TVs, to tentative then slightly bolder in-person services in which congregants are sporting masks, keeping their distance, navigating twine-festooned alternating pews, and suffering without their pre-service coffee. We’re still finding our way with that “center line only” Communion and the two-handed pew-sanitizing procedures performed by the ushers.

ChrisCardonaatPianoOne thing that has remained constant throughout the unnerving accommodations is the presence of our musicians.  Along with the faithful behind-the-scenes crews of sound technicians and live-stream operators, our musicians have stepped up to the plate and provided a steadying background of beloved music that has seen us through some trying times.

So we pause for a moment to express our sincere gratitude to organist Michella Novy, pianist Chris Cardona, and our Hymn Leaders and Soloists who have enriched our music during the online-only period in which they filled our sanctuary with beautiful music in the absence of worshipers, and more recently, have continued to do so to bolster and encourage the slightly muffled singing of in-person masked congregants.

ChuckHodgesSingingIn addition to Chuck Hodges, who faithfully served throughout the online-only period, hymn leaders have included Trevor Goble, Emily Hale, Daniel Klinge, Nicholas Tieman, and Angie Shappley.

With its rich tradition of liturgical hymnody, the Lutheran church relies on its music to reinforce the message of Scripture and to remind us of  God’s mercy and forgiveness. As we ease back into in-person worship, we look forward to hearing from more of our musicians with whom we have been so richly blessed. Soli Deo Gloria!

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