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Lenten Devotions

Snowmagedden of 2021 has not been a very auspicious beginning to what everyone hoped would be a less traumatic and chaotic year. The Mid-South saw more inches of snow than we’re used to seeing — and frankly, care to see — and it has stopped many businesses, schools, churches, and scheduled daily occurrences, such as mail delivery, in their tracks.

The canceling of our Ash Wednesday services on Feb. 17 was an unusual step and one that was made with great reluctance, but one of necessity for everyone’s well-being. We will observe Ash Wednesday on Feb. 24 instead. In the meantime, you are invited to use your “Return to the Lord” Lenten devotional booklet to put you in mind of our Return! theme.

Since, as mentioned above, the mail delivery has been either sporadic or non-existent during our frigid weather, we are attaching a pdf of the first week of Lenten devotions below so that you can follow along. We look forward to the Big Thaw and catching up together. Saturday and Sunday services will continue as usual.

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