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Potlucks — Still a Sure-fire Crowd Pleaser

When Christ the King Lutheran Church was just beginning, fellowship was an important and necessary ingredient to the growth of the membership, just as it is today. Beyond the quick hellos on a Sunday morning, the potluck supper provided time to relax, share food, and really get to know one another, becoming a family of believers over a plate of mac and cheese. Sixty years ago, families gathered, ate, enjoyed entertainment, and watched each other’s children. The men of the congregation hung curtains across the front of the room to hide the altar, and tables and chairs were arranged where just hours before, the members had bowed their heads in worship.

Fast-forward 60+ years and the monthly potlucks are going strong, but are now held in our spacious new Fellowship Hall with plenty of room for everyone and a kitchen outfitted with the latest equipment. Macaroni and cheese is still a popular dish, alongside healthy doses of quinoa and kale. Free will offerings go toward helping those in need, such as Lutheran World Relief and Trinity/Hope. Fellowship is still a main menu item, and guests are heard to say, “I’m so glad you still have potlucks!” It’s a great opportunity to invite friends and introduce them to the family of Christ the King. Mark your calendar for the fourth Sunday of every month and join us after worship in the Fellowship Hall. You can’t miss it — just follow the enticing smell of fried chicken! RSVP at

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