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When becoming a new member of a congregation, it may be a little daunting finding your way around, not only through the physical buildings, but through the labyrinth of ministries and fellowship opportunities that are offered to you. Who do you contact? Where do you go? How do you find the latest information and RSVP or volunteer? And why is there a dog in the narthex?*

To answer these questions and others that new and prospective members might have, Dave and Genie Swan of Christ the King Lutheran Church developed the Connect Class, a three-week class for new members and those considering membership who want to know more about how things “work” at CTK. After their daughter-in-law joined CTK, they realized from her perspective how overwhelming it can seem to a new member, and they determined to create an informational class to answer questions and encourage participation in worship, service, and fellowship activities.

ConnectClass3 (2)

During February of this year, more than twenty people, both new and prospective members, gathered on three consecutive Sunday  mornings to learn about the history of Christ the King, the communication networks available both to and from the church office, the ministries offering opportunities for service and fellowship, CTK’s social media outlets, and the worship schedule for the year. They enjoyed the church’s 50th anniversary video (available on youtube), guest speakers from various ministries, a visit from *Job Comfort Dog, demonstrations of CTK’s App and Mobile Directory, and even “insider” info on the embroidered kneeler cushions.

Most importantly, new bonds of friendship were created and strengthened as they navigated all the information shared.  Each class member went home with a packet of information as well as a Time and Talent Survey to be completed and returned.

The class is offered twice a year and will continue to be a part of welcoming new members into the family of forgiven at Christ the King Lutheran Church.


(Above) Genie Swan encourages the class members to get plugged in to the many avenues of communication offered at CTK, from Friday Reminders to Facebook to CTK’s App and website.

(Below) Representatives from various ministries spoke to the class about the service and fellowship opportunities available, including Chris Cardona, Choir Director; Lindy Stephenson, Stephen Ministry; and Chris Miller, Youth Minister.

ConnectClass2      ConnectClassStephenMinistry



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