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Growing together in the Word at Christ the King, Memphis

Responding to the Pandemic

Click here to watch Pastor Mark and Pastor Chuck explain CTK’s response to COVID-19 concerns

It’s unfortunate that the first three letters of the word “pandemic” are the same first three letters in the word “panic.”  So before you’ve even completed saying or reading the word, you’re already on edge.

At Christ the King, our pastors and leadership have remained steadfast and calm amid the ever-changing community landscape, and are committed to providing spiritual guidance and comfort through regular live-streaming services. We are most thankful for the technology and the people who know  how to use it, so that the membership stays informed and connected to their CTK family. You can view the live-streaming at  at 8:30AM every Sunday. Weekly bulletins are available through the Friday Reminders email, the website, and the Events tab on CTK’s App.

We look forward to the time when this crisis is behind us and we are together not only in spirit but in person, loving on each other, and praising and thanking our heavenly Father for His tender mercy.

Stay home, take care, check on your loved ones and neighbors, and know that Jesus loves you and cares for you always.






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