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From the September issue of The King’s Messenger….

I was about to begin writing a sermon on Romans 13:1-10 when I was reminded that it is my turn to write a newsletter article for our monthly publication. Since my “older-yet-better-like-fine-wine” mind does not transition well, I decided to meld this article into some side thoughts our Lord was planting in me to share from the pulpit. I will probably still preach it, but in case you sleep in on Sept. 10….

Just this morning I read in our local paper that most all national polls show that people around our country are very unhappy with the two frontrunners seeking to be our next president. Not only that, but many if not most folks who are for one guy are angry and aghast at the other side for being for their guy. “How could you possibly support such a person?!?”

I think we are all experiencing that. People I talk to are already exhausted from the fray. Many if not most people this election year will be voting against the other guy more than voting for theirs. That’s where the energy is. But in the meantime I have a bit of an admonishing to do among us as the election rhetoric heats up. We need to be very careful as disciples of Jesus filled with the Holy Spirit to flavor our speech and opinions with love, obeying the eighth commandment even though it’s not as much fun as bashing and lampooning those who disagree with us.

My dear family of forgiven: our diverse membership and pews with people in them to receive the means of grace have both republican and democrats in them. Every Sunday and during the week, you worship and serve right next to both prolife and prochoice advocates, people for and against gay marriage, those who want more immigration and those who want less, second amendment enthusiasts and others desperate for stronger gun control limits. When visitors and guests come, we can assume that at least some of them bring a broad range of opinions and world views that are completely foreign to us, maybe even hostile to the Gospel we love.

Jesus loves us and them, all. He died to atone for our sins and theirs. Put downs, crass jokes, hateful speech and professed indignation have no place in God’s house or among our fellowship. Please watch your social media posts, your side comments assuming everyone is on board with your point of view, and your judging other’s faith for their point of view.

What unites us is so much greater than anything that could divide us. But our dark often sarcastic comments can make it seem less so. James 3:1-12 is true, as is Galatians 5:16-26. Please read both int he context of the subject of this newsltter.

News organizations and political parties will increasingly seek to enrage and divide us for their own priorities and benefit as the election draws nearer. Let’s rise above that and seek first the KIngdom of God…with all that means for our families and CTK congregation. Let’s put the best construction on those we don’t get how they could possibly think as they do, reminding ourselves that we are first and forever brothers and sisters in Christ…and with the strength of Christ-like humility let us love one another on a level way above the manipulations of those seeking to make us mean.

May God have mercy and shower HIs grace upon our nation and upon each one of us as He always has, and always will…no matter how we vote!

Pastor Chuck

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