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VBS in Record Time

Did you know that Vacation Bible School can be successful with only a month’s planning time? It’s not recommended, but it’s totally possible, especially if the director has an excellent team of volunteers who step up to make VBS an exciting, fun-filled, faith-filled adventure. With the theme “Food Truck Party: On a Roll with God,” …

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Comforting in the Town of Collierville

At Christ the King, Memphis, congregants are accustomed to seeing the wagging tail and friendly eyes of Job Comfort Dog every Saturday and Sunday before and after worship. Children line up to pet this beautiful, well-trained golden retriever, and adults come by to get their weekly dose of that silky fur and calm countenance. Out …

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A (Ministry) Fair to Remember

On a recent weekend in October, the congregation of Christ the King, Memphis, was invited to the Fellowship Hall before and after services to CTK’s Ministry Fair 2021. Over thirty active ministries within the congregation were represented, with creative displays and enthusiastic participants eager to share their goals and accomplishments – as well as the …

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The Mid-South District Convention Opening Service – Declaring His Marvelous Works!

“Declare His Marvelous Works!” With the words of the psalmist David as recorded in the book of 1 Chronicles, the 300 people in attendance at the Opening Service of the 21st Regular Convention of the Mid-South District, held at Christ the King Lutheran Church, boldly declared the Lord’s glory, praising God for His marvelous works, …

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Leadership and Teamwork

Proverbs 27:17  “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” In the story of the building expansion at Christ the King Lutheran Church, one running theme stands out when speaking of the process: Teamwork! In picturing how the foundation, beams, brickwork, and all the other elements and systems that make a building solid and …

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God’s Blessings Continue

At Christ the King Lutheran Church and School, in spite of the craziness of the year 2020, we have been fortunate enough, through the grace of God, to witness baptisms, weddings, new member introductions, school children and teachers returning in person, and even progress on new building construction, as the work of the Church and …

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The Rite of Confirmation during COVID-19

The Confirmation Class of 2020 at Christ the King Lutheran Church, Memphis, looked a little different from the classes of years past; the CTK masks that the confirmands wore marked the time as unusual, but the robes they wore assured us of the continuing loving grace of God which covers all. The last few months …

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Prayer in Such a Time as This

You’ve heard the story of the ocean liner in rough seas. A passenger asks the captain if the ship is in danger, to which the captain replies, “You should start praying now.” The lady gasps, grabs the captain’s arm, and cries, “Oh, surely, it’s not as bad as that!” We CTK Lutherans are a praying …

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Comfort, Judgment, Love

Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to be Jesus, especially on Palm Sunday, everyone wanting to see, hear, and touch you? Imagine hordes of the suffering so desperate for connection that they literally crawl into your path, hoping to just touch your robe. What a horrible responsibility that would be. I wonder …

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