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Prayer in Such a Time as This

ShipsteamerindistressYou’ve heard the story of the ocean liner in rough seas. A passenger asks the captain if the ship is in danger, to which the captain replies, “You should start praying now.” The lady gasps, grabs the captain’s arm, and cries, “Oh, surely, it’s not as bad as that!”

We CTK Lutherans are a praying people. We pray all the time, not just in times of crisis, when the “ship is in danger” — private devotional prayers, Bible study group prayers, email prayers, bulletin and worship service prayers — we pray for and with each other daily. But in such a time as this, we are moved to offer additional prayers for our families, friends, neighbors, first responders, healthcare workers, and anyone affected by COVID-19, which is basically everyone.

Below is a prayer offered by Pastor Mark in response to these times. Also note that beginning on Wednesday, April 15, 7:00-7:30PM, Pastor will offer a live-streaming Prayer Half-Hour, during which you can text him your prayer requests and he will pray for them in real time, from the altar of our Lord. These half-hour Wednesday prayer sessions will continue for the foreseeable future.

Pray now, the following petitions:

Dear Heavenly Father, we come before Your throne of grace with many things on our hearts and minds.  For the sake of Jesus, we pray that You would hear and answer us.  Forgive us our sins, Lord.  Wash us clean by Your Word.  We pray that You would calm our fears.  Lead us to remember Your truth:  You will never leave or forsake us.  We pray that Your Spirit would guide, bless, and enlighten those in our medical community who are hard at work trying to overcome COVID-19.  We pray for healing for those who are infected.  In their isolation, Lord, please let them know that You love them and are with them.  We pray for all medical and hospital staff, first-responders, police and fire personnel.  Sustain them, Lord, in their work on our behalf.  Protect them, Lord.  May our nation show appreciation for their sacrifice and work in the middle of dangerous times.  We pray for the elderly, and those confined to nursing homes and other facilities, who have been otherwise quarantined.  Let them know that they are not forgotten by their families or church.  Help them, Lord, know they are loved and prayed for, and that You are with them.  Let them know that soon we will be reunited.  We pray for our local, state, and federal leadership.  Help them lead and make the best decisions possible for our nation, Lord.  May all citizens put aside partisan politics, and support them and pray for them as they try to do the very best they can for us.  We pray for our Christ the King congregation.  May we, Lord, be a beacon of light to our community and even our nation.  Enable us to preach the Gospel; to speak of the hope we have in Christ; to love our neighbor and all in need.  Protect and guide us, Lord, not only that we may be safe, but, being protected by your grace, we may all the more do Your work.  For the sake of Your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ, please hear and answer our prayer.  Amen.

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