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A (Ministry) Fair to Remember

On a recent weekend in October, the congregation of Christ the King, Memphis, was invited to the Fellowship Hall before and after services to CTK’s Ministry Fair 2021. Over thirty active ministries within the congregation were represented, with creative displays and enthusiastic participants eager to share their goals and accomplishments – as well as the many avenues to volunteer — with all those who passed through. Hosted by the CTK’s Office of Community Outreach, the Fair promoted fellowship and service both within the church and out in the community. Among those ministries represented were Faith in Action, Room in the Inn, Tanzania Mission, the Comfort Dog ministry, Children and Family ministry, LWML, and the many ways to serve in the areas of outreach and worship, including the varied facets of communication, such as live-streaming, sound, the website, and CTK’s App.

Many of the booths had giveaways – candy, pencils, magnets, homemade goodies – and breakfast was served to those attending between services. Christ the King’s new Fellowship Hall provided a beautiful space for the visitors and exhibitors, with plenty of room for browsing and chatting. An updated Ministry Handbook was available to all visitors with a handy explanation of each ministry and organization.

The Ministry Fair wrapped up a month that saw an emphasis on inreach and outreach, and included an after-church catered lunch combined with an intergenerational service project, a congregation-wide initiative to submit updated Time and Talent Surveys, a two-session Connect Class which provided new members with information on finding their niche, the observance of Pastor Appreciation Sunday, and the celebration of Job Comfort Dog’s fifth anniversary at CTK. So much to celebrate! Soli Deo Gloria!


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