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At Christ the King, Memphis, congregants are accustomed to seeing the wagging tail and friendly eyes of Job Comfort Dog every Saturday and Sunday before and after worship. Children line up to pet this beautiful, well-trained golden retriever, and adults come by to get their weekly dose of that silky fur and calm countenance.

Out in the community, however, Job’s appearance at places and events is anything but normal or routine. His extensive training as an LCC comfort dog makes him welcome wherever he goes Eyes light up in the common room of a nursing home as Job enters, children having a bad day at school immediately are soothed, frail hands in a hospital bed reach out to touch his soft fur. The comfort Job brings is unmistakable and brings to mind the peace that passes all understanding that Jesus imparts to all believers.

In September of 2021, a lone gunman terrorized people shopping and working at a Kroger located in Collierville, TN, a town outside of Memphis, killing one person and injuring many others, before committing suicide. The peaceful Town of Collierville was in shock and many in the community and surrounding areas gathered in support. Job Comfort Dog’s Top Dog (ministry coordinator) Genie Swan contacted the Shelby County Crime Victims and Rape Crisis Center to offer Job’s presence to those who were affected by the tragedy.

Subsequently, Job and his handlers were invited to several gatherings of the survivors of the shooting and were welcomed at the private tour given to survivors of the store as it was in the process of being remodeled. Job also was an invited guest at the press conference announcing the opening of the Kroger Associates Resource Center and was a regular fixture at the center in the weeks following.

At the press conference marking the opening of the remodeled store, Job was invited onstage to receive a special dog bed in thanks for his continuing commitment to bring comfort to the Collierville community. Before the shooting, Job was already making regular visits to organizations and facilities in Collierville, including Bailey Station Elementary, Baptist Reynolds Hospice House, the Burch Library, and The Langford Assisted Living. He continues to make friends in the Collierville community, as well as in other parts of the Mid-South area.

For more information on Job Comfort Dog, or to schedule a visit, please contact Genie Swan at

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